Doug Hartman, president of Hartman Historical Services, has comprehensive experience in historical research and documented expertise in technical and creative writing. He has written one book and published over 30 articles in a variety of magazines and journals. Hartman Historical Services has conducted exhibit, real estate, film and photographic research and has documented experience in writing grants.

Selected Publications

Nebraska’s Miitia:
The History of The Army and National Guard, 1854-1991

(The Donning Co., Virginia, Beach, VA) 1994

Journal Articles

“Bryan Versus McKinley” - Military History Magazine, June 1998

“Elmer Elsworth and the Zouave Military Tradition” - Guard Chronicle, Summer 1996

“Lawrence W. Youngman: War Correspondent” - Nebraska History 76, Summer/Fall 1995: 100-105

“The Battle for St. Lo.” - Prairie Soldier, June 1994

“Buffalo Bill is Awarded The Medal of Honor” - National Guard, July 1994: 30-32

“Commemorating World War II”
A series of 18 articles on Nebraska’role in World War II
Prairie Soldier, February 1991 - October 1995

“Nebraska’s Lost Batallion” - Nebraska History 72, Summer 1992: 82-90

“Early Nebraska National Guard Aviation” - American Aviaton Historical Cociety Journal 35, Fall 1990: 226-232

“The Butler B. Miltonberger Collection” - Nebraska History 69, Winter 1998: 199-203

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